Title and Abstracting

LSI's Title and Abstracting Division is supported by over 28 years experience in the areas of right of way, oil and gas, title insurance and banking. When our clients receive an abstract of title from LSI, they can trust it is an accurate chain of title to the present effective posting date.

LSI is committed to providing thoroughly researched information, enabling our clients to know exactly who and what they need to deal with to complete their project.

  • Grantor and mortgagor
  • Liber/Page and description
  • Recorded date
  • Right of ways and easements
  • Grantor/mortgagor/tax lien/financing search is conducted on all current surface, mineral and leasehold owners
  • A five-year property tax search

Based on the specific needs of our clients, LSI can customize each abstract to handle any project by preparing verbatim, supplemental, or specific time period abstracts.

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