One of the largest potential barriers to wireless build-outs can be site development, including site selection, site acquisition and zoning. Not only is the competition fierce, there's often controversy surrounding location. These are problems you can do without.

Our mission is to secure placement of our client's site at the optimal location, which maximizes the quality of the entire system. Our success is underpinned by our experienced teams talent to operate with a thorough understanding of the RF engineering, zoning, legal, environmental, construction and FAA/FCC issues related to site selection. This depth of knowledge translates into quicker site acquisition at less cost for our clients.

Our expertise in zoning has been the keystone of our success. In the development of many sites over the years, the source of our strength is in our ability to develop and nurture upstream relationships with governmental officials, form mutually beneficial partnerships in communities, understand the political and legal milieu and assure the highest quality product in applications, presentations and supporting documentation.

LSI's environmental associates include environmental scientist/biologists, licensed engineers, certified geologists, certified hazardous material managers and trained field technicians that are prepared to meet all of your environmental needs, including providing cost-effective, practical solutions to environmental problems.

Our Site Development Services:
 • Site Qualification
 • Site Acquisition
 • Zoning
 • Permitting
 • Environmental
 • Surveying

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